The different degrees in the Lake Anna water temperature is one of the many ways the lake is fantastically interesting and different from other lakes!  The warmer temperatures on “the warm side” of Lake Anna significantly extend the water sports season into the fall and winter months.  The Lake Anna water temperatures fluctuate throughout the lake (and throughout the year) due to the support role Lake Anna plays with the power plant.

Lake Anna stretches into 3 counties of Virginia: Louisa county, Spotsylvania county, and Orange County (partially at the northern tips). As one of the best recreational lakes in the state, it is also one of the largest.

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Lake Anna Water Temperature History

Lake Anna was built in the early 1970s to support the operation of North Anna Power Station.  The water at Lake Anna moves through an important cycle to help the power plant function.  When it was built, Lake Anna was divided into two completely separate bodies of water, commonly called “the cold side” (aka the public side of Lake Anna) and “the warm side” (aka the private side of Lake Anna). 

The cooler water on the cold side of Lake Anna is pumped into the power plant to absorb heat inside the plant.  When the water is inside the power plant, the water temperature increases.  Next, the water is pumped out of the power plant into the warm side of Lake Anna, which acts as a “cooling pond” where the water sits and the temperature cools down.  After the water cools down on the warm side, the discharged water is then pumped back to the cold side of Lake Anna to begin the cycle again. The power station pumps an impressive 2 million gallons of water per minute! 

Lake Anna Hot Side Water Temperature

The water temperature of the hot side of Lake Anna is typically 14 degrees warmer than the water temperature on the cold side of Lake Anna.  On average, the water temperature on the warm side of Lake Anna is 14 degrees warmer than the water temperature on the cold side of Lake Anna. 

family on boat enjoying the lake anna water temperature

Check current Lake Anna water temperature.

Lake Anna Water Temperature By Month

You may be wondering when is the best time to visit the lake. That depends on the climate you prefer. Overall, we would describe the climate at Lake Anna as mild temperate. In the summer months, the water temperature at Lake Anna is in the 80s on the cold side of the lake and 90s on the warm side of the lake.  With an average air temperature of 78.3°F and an average water temperature of 79.7°, July is typically the warmest month in a year.

In the winter months, the water temperature at Lake Anna is usually in the 60s on the cold side and in the 70s on the warm side.  When it comes to air temperature, January is typically the coldest with 36.3°F average air temperature. However, when it comes to water temperature, February is typically coldest with an average water temperature of 34.7°F. February is also the driest month with minimal rain while August is usually the wettest month with about 1.3 inches of average rain.

Most people prefer to visit the area during summer months into fall, between June and September.


The water temperatures at Lake Anna are one of the many things that make Lake Anna truly unique and exciting.   Please contact The Ashley Hoffman Group to learn more about Lake Anna and all of the real estate and commercial opportunities that are here!